Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing

We start our content with this question:” Is just having a superb product enough to run a business?” The answer is completely determined: No!

Our customers need to achieve a basic understanding from a product. That what is the product? How does it work? And why we know a product is better than competitor product?

The philosophy of sale unit in Tavan Company, besides selling the Company’s product, is to introduce and transfer data of the products to the costumers. It can be represented that generally, sales & marketing team is responsible for transferring data of Tavan’s products. Sometimes sales & marketing are apart from each other but there is a point that overlapping these two leads to one goal which is increasing in sale rate. Marketing plays the main role in selling and has effective and potential role in an enterprise.

Tavan Ltd with home appliance product portfolio could communicate targeted and bilateral relationship between enterprise and customers. From beginning to now, sales & marketing of this company has been a move forward and by a targeted plan and effort could provide an integrated and inclusive network for distribution and service to the Iranian home appliance market.

This unit, in the field of product export to the countries such as Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia and etc. have had some successes and by planning, they are in search for discovering and penetrating to potential markets. Tavan Company’s horizon is to transfer its production technology abroad and in this way, sales & marketing unit will be responsible for this important task.

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