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Let’s get to know about TavanGas industrial & manufacturing company.


TavanGas industrial and manufacturing company was found in1969 and started to manufacture different kinds of pieces of furnished oven. In 1986, this company, According to previous experiences began to manufacture different kinds of desktop and furnished ovens with TavanGas brand and then started to manufacture variety of gas heaters.

In 1999 TavanGas succeeded to obtain the certifications of international standards like ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000 (Integrated Management System). Obtaining these certifications, led a huge step in production based on advanced systems and in accordance with the latest and updated knowledge. And by manufacturing several types of heaters in different designs & capacities, they strengthened their position in the market.

By increasing the potential abilities of the company and relying on manpower experiences, in 2006 managers due to the market requirements and also to complete products portfolio, proceeded to manufacture several types of Evaporative coolers in different capacities. And they added this production to their previous products.

The concern of the managers of this company to manufacture Iranian high quality Goods, has led to the consideration of the quality of all the factors of production in the Evaporative coolers, such as gas heaters and high quality products launched into the market which this factor has a great contribution in Tavan’s products position in Iran’s market. In addition to market of our country, Iran, in recent years this company by influencing Middle Eastern countries, North African countries (MENA), and also CIS countries and Russia succeeded to export its products and with further export development to these areas have tried to enhance market share. Penetration and extend the presence in other countries is also on the horizon of the company’s future strategies. Tavan industrial & manufacturing company, in addition to try to provide quality of products, knows providing appropriate after-sales services to customers as its duties and obligations. Tavan with 500 active after-sales services representatives across the country, provides services like installation, setting up, service and repairs for its products in the fastest possible time to its valuable costumers. Tavan’s central after-sales services unit with continuous monitoring of network performance of after-sales services representatives, tries to improve service quality in order to provide maximum comfort for customers. In recent years, Tavan in the way of strategic management, employ young and motivated forces Along with experienced managers in order to develop expertise among the human resources on the agenda and through ongoing meetings with numerous advisors in the fields of planning and production, product development, sales, after-sales services, etc., has provided a ground for further development of human resources expertise. Also, the company has been working to improve the production lines and the method of storage, and has established well-equipped niches.

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