Mission Statement of Tavan Company


TavanGas Company backed by over 4 decades of activity in domestic heating and in recent decade added domestic cooling to its products. This company plans to rely on its experienced and specialist team in order to develop in the field of home appliances and new generation of heaters and coolers.

We consider the integrated and coherent updated system to be an appropriate tool which realize the goals and strategies we have defined in the strategic management system. By combining internal and external information.

Dear costumers! We try to provide a comprehensive knowledge-based product design system in order to identify all of your requirements. And according to your valuable comments, rapidly by Relying on the global information of this industry, update our products especially in optimizing energy consumption. And to provide our products in the whole Iran and global markets.

We will upgrade our manufacturing technology to provide high quality and more affordable products and services. We ask God to help the big family of TavanGas which consist of suppliers, affiliates, employees and distributors in order to upgrade this industry in a sympathetic and coherent team in Iran to serve people in the best way.

Contact Us

  • Address: 5th Km. of Imam Reza Expressway, Tehran, IRAN
  • Phone: +98(21)3349 5389
  • E-Mail: export[@]tavan-ind.com