OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Sales and Marketing

Tavan Company, beside manufacturing different kinds of heating and cooling products, plays the role in the field of producing and selling the parts too. Producing related parts to evaporative coolers and gas heaters has been in Tavan’s product portfolio up to now. This company is one of the well-known companies about OEM in Iran; and in recent years, by producing parts of gas heaters and evaporative coolers has done its best in this case. Selling the parts to manufacturers and also to wisdom customers is one of the activities of this company.

This company is prepared to setup production lines of the heating and cooling products as well as selling the related parts of this industry; and from beginning to the end will be beside its dear customers.

The advantages of OEM for manufacturers are:

1-optimizing production time and better development of selling

2-increasing innovation by cooperation of manufacturer companies

3-decreasing the costs of R & D

4-accessing to the key technologies

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